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Sell your yacht quickly and reliably

You are at the right place for a quick and well-organised sale of your yacht. With our proven sales approach, we have assisted many yacht owners to their satisfaction. We unburden you completely. In BestBoats’ unique 10-step sales plan we really thought of everything. 

The way BestBoats deals with things has led to maximum results for us. A quick sale and a good price. What more could we want? 

Now is the time

Sell your yacht? Our special approach results in a great demand for yachts. This allows you to get to learn about our successful sales approach. No cure, no pay! With a customised sales plan and more than 25 years of experience as a yachtbroker, we quickly find suitable buyers. We can sell your yacht from our own luxurious sales harbour and boat showroom in Roermond. But selling from your own berth is also possible. Trade-in can be discussed. 

In 10 steps to a quick and successful sale of your yacht

That is what we guarantee. In our 10-step sales plan you can see exactly how we professionally introduce your yacht and bring it to the attention of a large group of potential interested parties internationally. 

You decide to sell your yacht. 


To the sales harbour.

Making ready for introduction. 

Photo and video shoot. 

International introduction through attractive presentations. 

Weekly marketing activities on more than 30 international websites. 

Approaching prospects. 

Processing the bids. 

Your yacht is sold.

All you need to know about the sale of your yacht

Why choose Bestboats as your yachtbroker
Selling your yacht quickly requires a lot of time, money and knowhow. As a yachtbroker with more than 25 years of experience, our team of 8 people engages itself daily to bring your yacht to the attention of a large international public.

We keep an eye on current developments in the market. We keep track of the sales of luxury yachts, motor yachts, super yachts and second-hand boats. We also examine both online and offline where potential buyers for your yacht find themselves.

We collaborate with partner media and internet platforms and invest in marketing to promote our offer of yachts internationally among thousands of potential buyers. When we have a new yacht to offer, we inform our network of more than 4,000 active yacht owners and yacht seekers. We know exactly which type of yacht they are looking for and what their wishes for the future are. We approach these contacts through newsletters, personal contact and social media. Then we plan as many visits as possible for the sale of your luxury boat.

We take care of the entire sales process in a professional and efficient manner. From the visit to the transfer. One of our main objectives is to completely unburden you.
Can I continue sailing while my yacht is on sale?
A berth in our sales harbour or selling from your own berth? It’s all possible.

Although a berth in our sales harbour usually results in more visits. Every day, several visitors come to see our sales harbour. If you choose to sell from your own mooring, we will arrange the visits by appointment at your own mooring. In short: we deliver customisation based on your wishes.

“If you’re considering selling your yacht from your own berth, we’ll bring our service to you.”
How much does it cost to sell my Yacht through Bestboats?

A professional sales process of your boat is expensive. A broker asks for a remuneration. With Bestboats you only pay a brokerage commission if the yacht has been sold. Therefore, we bring your yacht to the attention of a large international target group in a unique, personal and service-oriented way. We sell your yacht for the highest possible market value.

Soliciting a professional yachtbroker for the sale of your boat has a positive effect on the price a customer is willing to pay for your yacht. We present your yacht to a large international target group of boat owners and boat seekers. We approach this target group in a unique, personal and service-oriented way. The professional sales location and service-oriented customer reception of Bestboats ensures a good first impression of your yacht in our harbour. This usually reflects in the price of your boat.

Our services
Potential buyers benefit from wide-ranging services even before they travel to Roermond to visit your yacht. For example, if a buyer wishes to be picked up from the airport, Bestboats offers a shuttle service. Once arrived at the port, the customer is welcomed with his or her name on our digital reception screens. In case of a longer stay in Roermond, Bestboats can book an overnight stay and dinner at a selected Bestboats partner hotel and restaurant. Nothing is left to chance.

Even after purchasing a boat, we provide services such as:
  • a detailed explanation about the yacht during a test sailing;
  • a unique delivery experience with an extensive package of equipment;
  • a good purchase service, even after the yacht has left our harbour;
  • any sailing trainings;
  • and so much more! 
The service to both the buyer and the seller are inextricably linked. Both are important to us. A positive buying experience translates into the highest possible sales return for your yacht. A unique approach that works!

Commission costs
The value of your yacht determines the amount of the commission, and thus what you pay Bestboats. You only pay for the efforts that were made for your yacht. That’s why Bestboats provides a customised offer based on a graduated system.

What is the current value of my yacht?
Bestboats is happy to make a free valuation of your boat. Thanks to our knowledge of the market and years of experience, we can provide you with justified pricing and selling advice.

Are you curious about the current value of your yacht? Please complete the non-binding form below and we will contact you.
How does the Bestboats 10-step sales plan work?
As a professional yachtbroker, our approach distinguishes itself from the sales processes of other brokers. Our 10-step sales process shows you how we bring your yacht to the attention of a large, international target group. The success of our approach has already proven itself to many yacht owners.

Download our sales brochure
Bestboats always guarantees a unique and professional presentation of your yacht
When you are selling your yacht, it is important that it stands out. Bestboats completely unburdens you. You are assured of the best possible presentation, both online and offline. Our team of specialists maintains your yacht on a daily basis and photographs it with an eye for detail. Your yacht is representative and made ready to sail in our port.

  • Our steward ensures a professional boat wash;
  • Our stylist takes care of the decoration of the yacht with an eye for detail;
  • With high quality equipment and techniques, our photographer captures your yacht from a position on the yacht, from the dock and from the air, making sure your yacht is clearly visible from every perspective.
The result: your yacht stands out among the wide online offer of sales yachts thanks to high-quality, professional photography. If you wish, we can make a professional video commercial of your yacht, just as newbuild yachts are presented in the market.
Your yacht on 80% of European yacht sales websites
Technical developments follow each other rapidly. For example, the information about the target group of your yacht is subject to quick online changes. Bestboats uses this information to promote your yacht in the best possible way. An innovative yacht sales method that has proven itself many times. This method also works for your yacht, super yacht, motorboat or second-hand yacht.

To achieve this, we work intensively with partner media and internet platforms. We also invest in marketing in order to promote our boat offer internationally. As a result, your yacht is visible on 80% of the European yacht sales websites and in the leading print magazines. This way, a yacht seeker will certainly not miss your yacht.

In addition to the yacht offer websites, Bestboats also has its own online communication channels and a large presence on social media. In this way, Bestboats continuously informs its target groups about new yacht offers. We are the first to inform our loyal followers on social media about new second-hand yachts. A follower might just be looking for your yacht and our mission will be accomplished. Usually, a request follows quickly.

In order to assess the interest in your yacht, our team checks every day how many and which activities take place among potential buyers on the basis of the yacht advertisements we put out for you. In this way, adjustments can be made to promote your yacht in an even more targeted and intensive way. In short: a customised marketing plan for your yacht. You can view all developments and figures in a personal online login environment. We also advise you on your luxury boat sales. In this way we map out the right course to successfully sell your yacht.

Potential buyers are welcomed in a unique way
From a shuttle service and the luxurious customer reception in our sales harbour to hotel reservations. At Bestboats, potential buyers benefit from wide-ranging services. That starts with the first contact (by mail).

After potential buyers have found your yacht online, the visit of your yacht will follow. When your yacht is moored in our sales harbour, Bestboats will professionally take care of the customer reception in a relaxed, luxurious and personal atmosphere. This is possible 7 days a week during the high season!

It already starts with the first mail contact, where the customer receives an extensive information brochure of the requested yacht in his own language. After confirmation of an appointment, the customer receives detailed visitor information. After that, Bestboats consults with the customer about any further requirements. For example, if a buyer wishes to be picked up from the airport, Bestboats offers a shuttle service. In case of a longer stay in Roermond, Bestboats can book hotel nights and dinners at a selected Bestboats partner hotel and restaurant. Once arrived at the port, the customer is welcomed with his or her name on digital reception screens. Nothing is left to chance.

Because our sales harbour is connected to the Meuse, all yachts in our sales harbour can be tested immediately. At this moment, the choice to close the sale must be confirmed. Our team does everything in its power to seal the sale to the satisfaction of both seller and buyer.

All the paperwork is taken care of for you
To increase the chance of selling your yacht, Bestboats offers the buyer a comprehensive package of services. Think of maintenance and refit works, a purchase inspection, insurances, transport over water or land, and much more.

If your yacht is sold, Bestboats will start this process with the buyer so you don’t have to worry about this. Bestboats has an extensive partner network and therefore all the specialists available to get the job done.

Bestboats collects the necessary boat papers according to the rules. If necessary, we also transfer documents from you to the buyer, such as the cadastral bank transfer. Your yacht buyer will receive a complete yacht file in a specially designed “Boat Owner Document”. In short: we set all the sails to take the wind out of the sails for you even after the sale.

Sell your yacht?

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The six certainties of BestBoats! Best arranged.

BestBoats knows how to combine personal service with a unique and successful sales approach and exclusive service. Discover the six certainties of BestBoats. 

A personal welcome

Our enthusiasm, our team spirit, our openness and foremost our hospitality come first. Your wishes are our starting point. 


A unique sales strategy

We think along with you. This always results in a professional sales approach with attention to the best price-quality ratio. Personal customisation with a quick and well-organised sale as a result! And all that based on the 'no cure, no pay' principle. 

Exclusive service

A deal is a deal! We offer a reliable service with an eye for detail. We really think of everything. We unburden you and arrange a smooth sale. 


With over 25 years of experience and knowledge, we know the market and we know what moves you to buy or sell your yacht. Our team of professionals follows the developments in the market closely. The team regularly takes further training. We are EMCI certified. 

Convenience and no worries

We support you from beginning to end with buying and selling your yacht. This includes preparing your yacht for sale, the purchase inspection, the insurance and the transport over water and land. All administrative and contractual actions will also be taken care of to perfection.

Unique sales harbour

And… Our uniquely located luxurious sales harbour and boat showroom is located in a very special place on Boulevard Nautique in the middle of Roermond, close to the Designer Outlet Roermond. Within walking distance of the historic city centre of this ancient Hanseatic city. A visit to our harbour is therefore also a lovely day out!

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We have become an important player in yacht brokerage in Europe. This is not surprising considering our more than 25 years of experience in the purchase and sale of used and new yachts. Founder and owner Arie Drenth and our entire team know how to constantly adapt their approach to changing market conditions and the unprecedented opportunities of the internet. And we continue to improve our service.