If you are thinking about selling your boat, you will have some choices to make, such as the broker you want to work with, and what region would be best for putting your boat on the market.

BestBoats now has several sales locations, including Ophoven (Belgium), Ohé en Laak (Maasplassen), Well (northern Limburg), Mook (Mookerplas) and Berlin (Germany), all centrally located along or around waterways, and a short distance from the German Ruhr region, the Belgian hinterland, the Netherlands and Scandinavia. Ideal locations, accessible to a wide public. Needless to say, a broker must be reliable with plenty of experience. However, many brokers adopt a passive approach. It is important for you, as the seller, and certainly in these difficult times, to approach the market actively. Simply posting a few photos on the internet is no longer enough.

BestBoats locaties

BestBoats, on the other hand, assesses and values your boat for a thorough sales analysis. We then discuss with you the sales strategy to be followed, based on the boat’s marketability and its associated market value. Once you have agreed to this sales strategy, we will draft a broker agreement for a period of 6 months. You moor your boat at our sales jetty and we will then invite interested parties personally for a presentation.

These potential buyers are on our database and are persons looking for a boat like yours. We make a professional photo report of each boat and, if appropriate, record a commercial video brochure. These will then be published on the internet in several languages. The yacht will also be presented on and in various national and international sites and watersports magazines.

‘The BestBoats team will do its utmost to achieve a successful sale!’

Exchanging your current boat

If we have found a buyer for your boat who also has a boat to sell or exchange, we will discuss this with you. If you are not interested yourself, BestBoats may decide to exchange the boat itself at its risk and expense, making the proceeds of the sale available to you to use for other investments.

Why sell through BestBoats?

  • We attach great value to personal attention, both towards the buyer and seller
  • BestBoats operates internationally and serves markets like Russia, Scandinavia, Romania and Turkey
  • Professional videopresentations of offered ships

Selling your boat?

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